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Finally, the VMAs

All right. I know. I'm a little bit late on this subject. And I'm finally getting around to talking about the MTV Video Music Awards. As you already know, Shakira was nominated for four videos. Best Female Video, Best Dance Video, Best Pop Video and Best Cinematography. All were for "Whenever, Wherever." Unfortunately, Shakira did not win any of these. But there was definitely a major highlight to her night!

Her punk rock performance of "Objection ( Tango )!"

I do believe the word to sub up this performance, as well as all performances she does, would be "amazing." Let's face it, ladies and gentlemen, she may be doing pop rock music, but this woman knows how to rock. Though seemingly short compared to other performances that night, Shakira definitely left a mark. With her belly dancing and Latin influenced rock beats, she put on a show that none of the other performers were able to do. Uncomputerized. Completely live. What else can you expect from Shakira? Nothing but the best from the perfectionist.

Of course, the TRL episode the next day was also wonderful. No, Shaki didn't make an appearance. But she is now number one on the count down. Carson Daly had an interesting thing to say, and as crude as it might be to some people's ears, it's fairly flattering. ( Forgive me if I don't get the quote quite right. ) "Shakira's ass almost hit me from where I was standing. I'm telling you, I was like, 'Bring it!'" When "Objection ( Tango )" first debuted on TRL, it didn't get past the 8th spot. And eventually it wasn't even on there. But within the past week she's been right up in the heat of the show. And her performance at the VMas definitely helped put her at number one on Friday.

Her popularity is still growing.

And there are albums in the works. She's working on an album, and there is a tribute album to her coming up. Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but she's doing the theme song to a Mexican movie.

She made a few appearance son show that I myself missed, and am posting too late for anyone else to see. I apologize. As mentioned, she was doing Last Call with Carson Daly. I didn't post the air date in time. It came on Thursday night. On the 28th, Shakira was on Regis and Kelly.

That's it for the update.
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